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  • Malaysia's leader said on Saturday communications aboard a missing jet were switched off and its course deliberately changed by someone on board before the aircraft disappeared a week ago, but stopped short of saying it had been hijacked.

  • Ukraine braced on Saturday for a breakaway vote in Crimea as deadly violence flared again in the ex-Soviet country's tinderbox east amid the biggest east-west showdown since the Cold War.

  • Finally, the TRS chief K Chandrashekhara Rao has broken his silence over possibility of an alliance with the Congress in Telangana. After saying a firm 'no' to merger with the Congress, KCR has now ruled out any alliance with the Congress in both Assembly and Lok Sabha elections to be held on April 30.

  • The Bharatiya Janata Party's much anticipated list of Lok Sabha candidates is expected shortly which will end the the suspense over who will contest from Varanasi - its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi or party veteran Murli Manohar Joshi.

  • The Delhi High Court has confirmed death penalty to all four convicts of the December 16 Delhi gangrape and murder case. The four were convicted in September 2013 for raping and murdering a 23-year-old paramedical student.

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    Home >> Earth >> Global Warming Impact On Animal Kingdom

    Global Warming Impact On Animal Kingdom


    Miha Alam

    Global warming is basically the warming of the earth due to weather conditions caused by El Niño and the Indian Ocean dipole. In global warming many polar animals like polar bears , seals etc die due to weather conditions and the lack of food source as the fishes migrate.

    The insects have beneficial as well as negative affects on human population. They are essential for pollination etc but they are also responsible for large scale destruction of food crops as pests. They also act as vectors for some specific type of diseases. It is said that Global warming means more insects. Warmer climates seem to increase their reproductive rate and population growth, with widespread effects on agriculture. Insects adapt to the temperature of the environment gradually. This is bad as well as good news. The negative aspect of this is that the population growth of mosquitoes can spread various diseases which can be very harmful to the human beings e.g.: Dengue and malaria. This can even cause death. One can already observe the steady increase in the incidence of malaria, dengue and other such diseases in the third world countries and countries with tropical climate. The insects act as vectors and cause increase in the mortality rate in the population suffering from such diseases due to poor prevention and lack of proper medication. Already drug resistant malaria has been reported in some parts of the world.

    The increase in population of termites has caused a lot of damage to the forests in parts of America as they have completely eaten the tree trunks. Even though many arthropods accept the change in the temperature, however, few can’t which causes the imbalance in nature. Global warming is also causing lots of damage to the coral reefs which has now become a major issue.

     Vertebrates are also very sensitive and vulnerable to the climate change. Many species are getting endangered because of global warming as well. Many species depend on their habitat for food, water, shelter and breeding and raising their young ones. Without their survival needs they die. Global warming had caused these species to migrate from their habitat into different places where it is very hard for these species to live and adapt to the new environment as they don’t have their essential needs. This is causing these species to extinct at a high rate. Pandas , sea turtles, tigers,  rhinos, African elephants  etc are already in the long list of endangered species. Slowly the biodiversity of the species is getting affected which will have long term consequences.

    The disruption in the food chain due to changes in the global climate also causes wide spread disturbances in the populations of wild animals. E.g. due to Global warming many fishes migrate which causes disruption in the food chain as polar bears, seals etc eat fishes. If the polar bears don’t eat these fishes the polar bears die and then the population of the fishes gets overpopulated. If the population of those fishes get over populated then the population of the organism like small planktons and zooplanktons on which the fishes feed on gets decreased to a large extent.  This causes dis-balance in the entire chain which also affects the other organisms because the food chains are connected and linked and form Food webs. This is an example of food chain disruption.


    Needles to say that all this directly and indirectly affects the human population. Global warming has caused a lot of disruption but the real question is who to blame -the humans for causing global warming due to their activities or the Global warming it self? The need of the hour is to protect these species and take appropriate action to maintain biodiversity.





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