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  • Malaysia's leader said on Saturday communications aboard a missing jet were switched off and its course deliberately changed by someone on board before the aircraft disappeared a week ago, but stopped short of saying it had been hijacked.

  • Ukraine braced on Saturday for a breakaway vote in Crimea as deadly violence flared again in the ex-Soviet country's tinderbox east amid the biggest east-west showdown since the Cold War.

  • Finally, the TRS chief K Chandrashekhara Rao has broken his silence over possibility of an alliance with the Congress in Telangana. After saying a firm 'no' to merger with the Congress, KCR has now ruled out any alliance with the Congress in both Assembly and Lok Sabha elections to be held on April 30.

  • The Bharatiya Janata Party's much anticipated list of Lok Sabha candidates is expected shortly which will end the the suspense over who will contest from Varanasi - its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi or party veteran Murli Manohar Joshi.

  • The Delhi High Court has confirmed death penalty to all four convicts of the December 16 Delhi gangrape and murder case. The four were convicted in September 2013 for raping and murdering a 23-year-old paramedical student.

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    English is so widely spoken; it has often been referred to as a "world language", the lingua franca of the modern era.


    English is a West Germanic language that originated in Anglo-Saxon England. As a result of the military, economic, scientific, political and cultural influence of the British Empire during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and of the United States since the late 19th century, it has become the most important language in many parts of the world.


     It is used extensively as a second language and as an official language in Commonwealth countries and many international organizations, where it is often the preferred language.

     Mary Shelley

    Mary Shelley was an English novelist,short story writer,dramatist,essayist and travel writer.She was born on 30th August 1797 and died on 1feb 1851.She is best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein


    By Miha Alam I was born in a pot of gold, I was treasured like a golden key, I was the center of attention, For most of the eyes in my family.   I was once a carefree girl, Ruling souls like queen

     Book launch

    I am very grateful to you all for inviting me to launch my new book called “Marked” which is book one of the ”House of Night” series. There are 6 books in this series which are- Marked Betraye

     The miracle worker

    I am very grateful and humble to you all for giving me this award and believing in me. I was blind and a drowned rat with a heavy Irish accent, like they used to call me when I used to live at the Per

     one who follows two hares catches neither

    Do only one thing at a time.If you try to do two things at once ,you will be able to do neither.If a hunter pursues  two hares,he is sure to miss both.You must therefore concentrate on one thing or t


    A word that modifies the meaning of a verb,an adjective or another adverb is called an adverb.There are five types of adverbs.1.Adverbs of time answer the question ,when- I go to school daily.2.Adverb


    A word that expresses a strong feeling or emotion is called an interjection.An interjection is followed by an exclamation mark.Interjections may express:Joy- Hurrah!Grief- Alas!Surprise- Good gracious


    Conjunctions are words that join two or more sentences,two words and two groups of words. For example- bread and butter,pen and pencil 1. Some conjunctions are used in pairs.- Either .... or,Neither..

     verbs transitive and intransitive

    A verb is the most important part of speech because there can be no sentence without it.For example-   The boy plays.   The clock strikes ten.   The words plays and strikes are verbs and tell us wh

     more about adjectives

    Noun - Adjectives Victory- Victorious   Fury- Furious   Cloud-Cloudy Adjectives can also be formed from verbs. Verb- Adjectives Enjoy-Enjoyable   Love-Lovable   Play-Playful Some adjectives


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