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  • Malaysia's leader said on Saturday communications aboard a missing jet were switched off and its course deliberately changed by someone on board before the aircraft disappeared a week ago, but stopped short of saying it had been hijacked.
  • Ukraine braced on Saturday for a breakaway vote in Crimea as deadly violence flared again in the ex-Soviet country's tinderbox east amid the biggest east-west showdown since the Cold War.
  • Finally, the TRS chief K Chandrashekhara Rao has broken his silence over possibility of an alliance with the Congress in Telangana. After saying a firm 'no' to merger with the Congress, KCR has now ruled out any alliance with the Congress in both Assembly and Lok Sabha elections to be held on April 30.
  • The Bharatiya Janata Party's much anticipated list of Lok Sabha candidates is expected shortly which will end the the suspense over who will contest from Varanasi - its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi or party veteran Murli Manohar Joshi.
  • The Delhi High Court has confirmed death penalty to all four convicts of the December 16 Delhi gangrape and murder case. The four were convicted in September 2013 for raping and murdering a 23-year-old paramedical student.
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    For those who are visiting our site for the first time, www.zahie.com is online coaching and education centre for all young kids in primary classes.Zahie.com has resources and information on subjects like English, Social Studies, Science, General Knowledge and wildlife.Zahie.com is a primary education site for kids. There are lots of free online games but all with an educational focus. Zahie.com on Facebook



     Components of Food
    What are the main food groups The main food groups are energy giving,body building and protective food. What is a balanced diet A diet which contains all the important nutrients in the right amount is Read >>
     Measurement and Motion
    What is translatory motion If a body moves as a whole such that every part of the body moves through the same distance in a given time the body is in translatory motion.If the body moves in a straight Read >>
     Visit to Kanha National Park
    By Zahie Hosain Our visit to Kanha national park was very exciting. We went to Nagpur from Delhi and from Nagpur to Kanha. The hotel in which we stayed was Bagh Villas. We reached in the evening   Read >>
     Motion III
    Velocity/Time graph Uniform Motion- The Velocity /Time graph of an object moving in uniform motion is a straight line which passes through the origin. Slope = y2-y1/x2-x1                Read >>
     Motion II
    Untitled Document Differences between speed and velocity Speed Velocity It is defined as the rate of change of distance It is defined as Read >>
    Motion- An object is said to be in motion if it changes its position with respect to a stationary reference point or origin. Rest- An object is said to be at rest if it does not changes its position w Read >>
     The Fundamental Unit of Life II
    Why is plasma membrane also known as the selectively permeable membrane? Plasma membrane is called selectively permeable membrane because it allows the movement of only selected molecules across it an Read >>
     The Fundamental Unit of Life
    Cell theory The cell theory stated that all plants and animals are composed of cell and that cell is the basic unit of life and that all cells arise from pre-existing cells. Who discovered cell and ho Read >>
     Law of Conservation of Momentum
    The sum of momenta of the two objects before collsion is equal to that momenta after collision.There is no extra unbalanced force actiing on them. This is known as the law of conservation of momentum. Read >>
     Give Reasons
    1. A rubber ball rebounds on striking the surface of the floor. When the ball strikes the floor,the floor hits back with the same amount of force because for every action there is an equal and opposit Read >>

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